Release date: 04 Feb. 2017

StackJoy is simple and fun game to play if you like to stack different objects.

You can stack different shapes: blocks, triangles, diamonds and polygons. Also on the extra level, you can stack the main character.


StackJoy has four different types of stacking, and each of them has five levels. Unlock new types of stacking and levels just with playing.
A) Classic - stacking block on fixed, flat surface.
B) Shapes - stacking different shapes on fixed surface with obstacles.
C) Transform - stacking blocks on flat moving / rotating surface.
D) Chaos - chaotic movement of all surfaces, obstacles.

With stars, you can unlock extra StackJoy levels.
A) Stack the StackBoy - stack the character
B) Casual - stack up to 150 blocks
C) Mini - stack mini blocks
D) StackBad - shooter style, defend the character from StackBad attacks